The Northeast False Creek project consists of the demolition and replacement of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts. Northeast False Creek is the final undeveloped area in Vancouver’s downtown. The viaducts will be replaced with an at-grade road network, ramp structure, and Dunsmuir connection. The project also allowed for the development of an elevated park, and the creation of a new neighborhood and waterfront park. The project will be delivered as a design-bid-build.

Scope of Services

CJI was retained as the Project Advisory Team advising the City of Vancouver’s Project team on the following tasks:

  • Managed technical reviews of design submissions, Independent Structural reviews, road safety audits, and quality audits;

  • Managed a Constructability Board input into design and implementation strategy;

  • Conducted a Quality Risk Assessment (QRA) at the 50% design phase of the associated project risks, cost estimate, and schedule uncertainty to accurately establish the project budget;

  • Managed development of a financial model, and financing requirements;

  • Conducted an external assessment of the project status and provided project monitoring during the design phase, and pre-construction advisory services for the construction phase;

  • Provided recommendations, validated change orders, provided claims resolution advice, participated in project management meetings;

  • Providing strategic advisory services including project management services and mentoring of the City’s Project Manager and project team.

Key Wins

  • Provided technical management during contract change process to significantly reduce the claims assessment.

  • Advanced the project to the completion of 100% design while providing independent reviews that were key to improving the design.

  • CJI provided young professional mentoring to City staff throughout the design process.


City of Vancouver


Vancouver, BC


2017 – 2020


Gary Bale, David Collings, David Crozier, Ian Rokeby, Robin Johnston