Strategic Management Consulting

Executive Project Leadership

CJI provides owners with senior staff embedded in key leadership roles (such as Project Director or Chief Project Officer) for major infrastructure projects.

These assignments are typical where clients face an infrastructure challenge at a scale and complexity beyond their organizational experience or current capacity, requiring trusted project leadership.

This service is typically part of an integrated offering that includes related project or program management responsibilities. CJI will lead the development of high performing teams capable of effectively managing the project through implementation.

Project Management

CJI provides project management services for infrastructure-related projects. Responsibilities can include planning, budgeting, controls, and collaborating with the owner’s team to advance a project through development and implementation.

Clients value our ability to integrate the work of multiple partners and professionals to provide clarity in support of strategic decision making. We are also valued for our focus on adapting our management structures to our client’s context.

Program Management

CJI leads the establishment of program management systems that permit integrated oversight and control of infrastructure programs and project portfolios. We provide the integration of requirements from senior funders and delivery partners.