Our team offers a broad suite of skills in the oversight and management of infrastructure projects. Our people prioritize value-oriented innovation and working constructively through existing corporate and decision-making environments. We endeavor to frame our work with a clear understanding of client needs and project requirements. CJI prioritizes strength in communication, leadership, and personal integrity. We believe successful project delivery depends on the integration of inputs from many professional domains—both technical and commercial—and strive to form and lead collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams.


David Collings, M.Sc., PMP
David Collings, M.Sc., PMPPresident

With over 15 years in project delivery, David brings senior leadership and technical advisory support to both owners and contractors for major infrastructure projects. He specializes in building teams to lead the development and implementation of major projects. David also frequently provides business development and procurement advice to public- and private-sector clients.

David Crozier, MBA, BSc.
David Crozier, MBA, BSc.Principal

David Crozier is a project manager, project advisor, and business development professional with over 15 years of public- and private-sector experience in major transportation and infrastructure planning, implementation, and decision-making. He provides leadership, advice, and management services to owner teams from project inception through delivery.

Ian Rokeby, P.Eng., MBA, FEC
Ian Rokeby, P.Eng., MBA, FECPrincipal

Ian brings over 30 years of experience in the planning, feasibility, design and construction of major, complex infrastructure in BC and across Canada. He enjoys developing key partnerships with clients in support of strategic decision-making. Ian has led several transit, marine and highway projects through the feasibility, investment strategy planning, project development, procurement and implementation phases.

Joshua Lock, BEng(Mech)(Hons), MATS
Joshua Lock, BEng(Mech)(Hons), MATSPrincipal

Joshua has over 15 years of professional experience centered in the development and delivery of major infrastructure projects. His people- and value-oriented approach is supported by his expertise in risk and cost management, written and visual communication, team formation and leadership, and process development and implementation. Joshua employs these skills to support strategic decision-making—frequently in the context of significant complexity and uncertainty.

Robin Johnston, P.Eng.
Robin Johnston, P.Eng.Founder / Senior Advisor

Co-founder of CJI in 1999 with John Collings, Robin has over 35 years of experience delivering major infrastructure projects, from Golden Ears Bridge to the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor.

Robin has been a thought leader in the province’s infrastructure industry. He led the early development of BC’s Design-Build concept application and the establishment of Canada’s approach to public-private partnership (P3) project delivery.

Carla Bachetti, MBA
Carla Bachetti, MBASenior Manager

Carla is an experienced and driven Project Cost Engineer with expertise in cost management, earned value management, cost analysis, and cost forecasting. She has held lead project controls positions at oil & gas and construction companies, where she helped manage and deliver local and international projects from front-end engineering to construction and commissioning. Carla is a natural collaborator who has achieved project and business objectives for organizations worldwide.
Jesse Kirkby, B.Sc.
Jesse Kirkby, B.Sc.Manager

Jesse Kirkby is a Project Manager with over 7years of project management experience in transportation infrastructure and large-scale exploration geology. In addition, Jesse has over 11 years of hospitality management experience with industry leading hotels and restaurants across the globe. Jesse brings excellent management experience and skills, focusing on team leadership, stakeholder coordination, and project delivery.

Lizzie Brown, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, ENV SP
Lizzie Brown, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, ENV SPSenior Associate

Lizzie is a Civil Engineer with over 10 years’ experience as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Construction Supervisor, Field Inspector and Engineer. In her past roles, she established credibility as a resourceful, organized and motivated individual. She produces results and exceeds expectations, while maintaining client satisfaction.

David Watt, EIT
David Watt, EITAssociate

David brings a versatile skill set to his supporting roles on large, multidisciplinary project teams. He typically supports in the development of project management systems in the domains of risk, issues, and change management. His attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities have earned him client recognition, enabling him to further his contributions on complex projects.

Elijah Anzai, EIT, HBA
Elijah Anzai, EIT, HBAAssociate

Elijah is a Project Analyst with CJI, who utilizes his communication, organization, and technical skills to provide support to project teams working on multi-faceted infrastructure projects. Elijah is an analytically inclined, team-focused individual who enjoys collaborating to solve complex problems. His business and engineering background allows him to merge competencies from both fields to deliver high quality products to clients.

Rachel Collings, MRM, BSc
Rachel Collings, MRM, BScAssociate

Rachel has 10 years of experience working with provincial and federal government agencies, NGOs, First Nations, and academic centers. She is fortunate to have worked with Aboriginal groups all over BC on topics including consultation, engagement, environmental assessments, watershed planning, resource management, and traditional knowledge.

Ross Thompson, EIT
Ross Thompson, EITAssociate

Ross is a project manager with a background in civil construction working for private and public sector clients. He brings excellent communication and collaboration skills to create and contribute to deliverables. Ross has experience with design and delivery of construction projects, budget and scheduling management and coordination with multi-disciplinary teams.

Samuel Anderson, PMP, ENV SP
Samuel Anderson, PMP, ENV SPAssociate

Samuel has provided project management and procurement planning support to large, interdisciplinary teams across the transportation, healthcare, and energy sectors. He is solution-driven with the ability to develop ideas into high-quality deliverables that consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

Shahesaha Lock
Shahesaha LockAssociate, Corporate Affairs

Shahesha manages CJI’s corporate affairs and is focused on streamlining our business to enhance our agility and excellence for our clients and partners. In CJI’s complex and dynamic project environment, Shahesha offers critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a fresh perspective to our team. With a background in business and a talent for building meaningful relationships, Shahesha is dedicated to supporting our culture of continuous improvement and empowering our greatest asset – our people.

Salmaan Virani, MEng, EIT
Salmaan Virani, MEng, EITSenior Analyst

Salmaan is a Project coordinator providing management and advisory services to infrastructure projects. Salmaan holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and brings a technical and analytical background to any project team. His strong communication and organizational skills allow him to effectively coordinate teams and stakeholders.

Kim LeDoux
Kim LeDouxOffice Manager

Kim has been involved in major infrastructure projects for over 10 years. She is the link between senior management and our employees, supporting all departments while they work together to achieve the goals of the organization. Kim employs her propensity for detail and formal education in writing to refine client deliverables.

Jacqueline Breakwell
Jacqueline BreakwellExecutive Assistant

Jacqueline’s diverse work experience brings a unique set of skills to CJI. High-energy and proactive, she has a keen sense for predicting project and executive needs in advance. Jacqueline’s organizational skills find her frequently improving processes to achieve team continuity and efficiency.

Alan Moat, P.Eng, PMP
Alan Moat, P.Eng, PMPSenior Advisor

Alan brings over 27 years of experience as a senior Project Manager and a design and construction professional. He is a strong communicator with a calm approach that enables him to effectively manage large, diverse teams across multiple disciplines. Alan has extensive experience in design and engineering management and coordination of all engineering disciplines.

Brandon Proc, P.Eng., PMP, B.A. Sc.
Brandon Proc, P.Eng., PMP, B.A. Sc.PM Advisor

Brandon Proc is a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of project leadership and onsite leadership and management experience in the Energy, Marine and Heavy Civil Construction industry. Brandon is successful in leading highly-technical projects through the full project lifecycle – from project feasibility, preliminary design and early contractor involvement (ECI), through construction, commissioning, operation and warranty closeout.

Christina Fletcher, BA(Hons), APMP
Christina Fletcher, BA(Hons), APMPIntegration Advisor

Christina is a proven and accredited Project Manager with over 12 years’ experience. She specializes in supporting clients by managing multidisciplinary project teams throughout the project lifecycle including feasibility studies, project set up, consultations, planning approvals, and procurement implementation.

Don Macdonald
Don MacdonaldCommercial Advisor

Don brings more than 30 years of contract negotiation and management experience for large, complex engineering projects across multiple sectors including infrastructure, systems engineering and aerospace projects. Don brings solid experience in the pursuit, risk-allocation, execution and closeout of alternative procurement models including Design-Build and Public-Private-Partnerships.

Grant Fletcher, MUP
Grant Fletcher, MUPAdvisor

Grant is a technical Project Manager with experience in engineering, design, and operations. He is a strategic thinker who fosters collaboration and partnerships to ensure projects move forward. Having run a small business for years, Grant understands the pressures owners face when making decisions and managing projects and this is reflected in his approach.

Jennifer Trost, MBA, PMP
Jennifer Trost, MBA, PMP PM Advisor

Jennifer has more than 20 years of practical experience in project management. Her diverse client services include project planning, process improvement, implementation, monitoring and reporting, risk assessment and mitigation, report writing, project audits, budget control, and facilitation. She has national and local experience across a variety of sectors.