Premier’s Award for Partnership 2015 Recipient


The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) program was funded through the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative and involved the construction of eight road/rail grade separations and a road improvement project. The program accommodated the objectives of the 12 funding partners, including Transport Canada, BC MoTI, TransLink, Port Metro Vancouver, four municipalities and four railway companies.

Scope of Services

As Program Manager for RBRC, CJI was responsible for:

  • Managing the negotiation, implementation, and close-out of funding and agency agreements. Assisting partners and delivery agency representatives in reaching fair contribution agreements;

  • Planning, development, negotiation and management of a large program responsible to 12 funding partners (Program Partners) in a key transportation corridor, delivering 8 road/rail overpasses, a roadworks project and an Intelligent Transportation Systems project;

  • Developing, implementing and managing the Program through management plans (Program Implementation and Delivery Plans);

  • Evaluated and advised on delivery and procurement options, including the development and evaluation of procurement documentation (RFQs, RFPs, etc);

  • Represented the interests of 12 funding partners and collaborated with First Nations groups (including the Tsawwassen and the Kwantlen First Nations) and stakeholders to deliver portions of work;

  • Representing the interests of the funding partners in critical negotiations relating to delivery, ministry assets and trade corridor improvement;

  • Worked with funding partners and stakeholders, developing, implementing and managing comprehensive Program Implementation and Delivery Plans linked to corridor improvement strategies and goals;

  • Overseeing project reports provided by delivery agencies and coordinating quarterly Partners Meetings, updating and reporting on the progress of project deliverables against program objectives;

  • Providing program-wide services including environmental, First Nations coordination, and public communications.

Key Wins

  • Developed a program framework which promoted collaboration between 12 partners and their divergent interests.

  • Developed and facilitated allocations and funding arrangements for 9 multi-funded projects.

  • Provided program management, cost control, community liaison, and representation of the interests of the funding partners.

  • Provided program-wide services including environmental, First Nations coordination, and public communications.


South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority & RBRC Partner’s Committee


Metro Vancouver, BC


$307 million


2008 – 2015


David Collings, David Crozier, Brie Hemingway, Robin Johnston