Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is a proposed new marine container terminal on Canada’s west coast being developed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. If approved and built, Roberts Bank Terminal 2 would play a critical role in supporting the growing volume of containerized trade with Canada’s global trading partners. The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project will include the construction of a new three-berth marine container terminal in the Port of Vancouver in Delta, British Columbia. The terminal would be located in sub-tidal waters to minimize environmental effects.

Scope of Services

Initially retained by VFPA as part of a Project Management Team (PMT) for the RBT2 program, CJI was subsequently asked to take on the duties of Project Director for the overall program.

Currently, this assignment comprises day-to-day oversight and strategic coordination of all governance reporting and decision-making, including:

  • Regular project reports supplemented by decision briefings to VFPA executive, Project Board, Project Advisory Panel, and Board of Directors;

  • Coordination and support to Project Management Team, Procurement, and Environmental Assessment, Permitting and Indigenous Consultation teams;

  • Liaison with and coordination of support from VFPA corporate support functions, including finance, legal, communications, government relations, and procurement;

  • Leadership in team formation, internal communications, and health support;

  • Development of structure and coordination of reviews and implementation for Project Management Systems, including overall Project Plan, sub-plan components and procedures;

  • Planning, development, and implementation of Governance decision-making system to facilitate timely executive approvals and decision-making to facilitate project schedule under significant regulatory and market uncertainty.

Key Wins

  • Provided strong project direction to the project team through the dynamic pre-approval phase of the project.

  • Led the establishment of procurement advisory services for the execution of critical contracting options analysis work and developed strategic decision-making road maps in support of major project procurement.

  • Facilitated the introduction of tailored project governance processes.

  • Established a framework for the development of project-specific project management systems.

  • Led preparation, consolidation, review and presentation of bottom-up project estimates.

  • Provided integrative leadership to a large, multi-disciplinary project team in a context of multiple, concurrent challenges.

  • Provide expert review and advisory services on stochastic project risk assessment and contingency setting work.

  • Led development of high-level process maps in service of clearly enunciated project objectives, milestones, processes, and progress.

  • Provided oversight of the project management and project controls functions.


Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA)


Delta (Tsawwassen), BC


$2 billion


2015 – Present


Ian Rokeby, Josh Lock, Grant Fletcher, David Watt