Windsor-Essex Parkway

Windsor-Essex Parkway

The Windsor-Essex Parkway is an unprecedented highway project. Its scope, features, and benefits to travelers and the community are one-of-a-kind.

This state-of-the-art Parkway will provide border-bound travelers with direct freeway access to a modern inspection plaza and a new international river crossing, cutting valuable travel time off of their trips. Local travelers will be able to enter and exit the route easily via the Parkway’s many on and off ramps. Service roads will improve access to schools, shops, neighbourhoods, and natural areas.

Tunneled roadways will provide community connections for the first time while restoring natural linkages. Pedestrians and cyclists will enjoy 20 km of new recreational trails and will be able to travel the length of the corridor without encountering a motor vehicle. Their use will be safe for the whole family. The community will benefit from more than 300 acres of green space and various opportunities to determine their use – a local solution for the people of Windsor-Essex.

Scope of Services:

  • Undertook preliminary assessments during project development which included feasibility, scoping, and procurement strategies for the Federal Bridge Corporation,
  • Provided OMR services to the Concessionaire team of ACS and Acciona and prepared the Operations, Maintenance, Rehabilitation (OMR) RFP submission for what became
    the winning proposal.


Windsor-Essex Mobility Partners,
A consortium of ACS (Canada, Fluor, and Aeciona)


Windsor, Ontario

Capital Cost:

$1.5 billion

Delivery Model:

P3 (design-build-finance-operate)

Dates of Assignment: