John Collings, P.Eng.


John Collings

John Collings is a leading technical authority in the planning and delivery of transportation facilities. Specializing in transportation management, strategic planning, and design, he has acted as a technical consultant and manager to owners, lenders, and contractors on many key transportation projects in Canada and overseas. He has considerable experience with the scoping and feasibility of major highway and rapid transit projects and in the set-up of different project procurement methods, including public-private partnerships.

Career History

Since 1999, John Collings has been a principal in Collings Johnston Inc., consulting to senior management on major project scoping, development, procurement, and delivery. He interfaces with owners, stakeholders, and specialist consultants to establish technical feasibility, identify risks, and manage the delivery of both publicly and privately financed transportation projects. He provides strategic and innovative thinking with the ability to attain project goals within financial and community constraints.

Mr. Collings brings over 30 years of rich and varied experience to his assignments. His experience includes 20 years of divisional and regional management with Delcan Corporation, one of Canada’s major consulting companies. He was Chief Highway Engineer from 1980 to 1989, when he managed and directed many of the company’s major transportation projects. Between 1986 and 1994, he was Regional Director of Delcan’s Asia and Pacific Region, and Director of Victoria Highway Maintenance Corporation and Director of APCOA (now Standard Parking). This brought him extensive experience with alternative procurement, contracting, and operating procedures while working on projects including Hong Kong’s Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Project and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Rail System. Between 1994 and 1999, he was Director and Vice President of Delcan’s Transportation Division, where he was responsible for technical and financial aspects of the company’s transportation business.

Mr. Collings has had 18 years of experience managing engineering companies and technical teams. He has 12 years of experience directly with planning and design engineering and 5 years experience in construction management. He has specialized knowledge of design and construction operations and has directed and managed international projects in Turkey, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He is involved in the development, procurement, and risk assessment on many of the transportation P3 and design-build projects in Western Canada since 2002. The following is a sample of the applicable projects in which he has been involved which have required advising, directing, and managing technical teams on behalf of clients.

Project Experience

Significant world-class transportation projects that have involved design-build-finance-operate contracting include:

Community Involvement

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