Rail corridor program will benefit Langley drivers

Collings Johnston is the Program Manager for the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program. For more info on our role, view our Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program page.

Source: Langley Times

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor

A four-car crash at 196 Street and 64 Avenue on Thursday afternoon served to remind me that, despite some serious shortcomings, the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor program will be a good thing for Langley.

How does this intersection have anything to do with improvements along the rail corridor? As it turns out, it is the most northerly improvement to be made as part of the linear “combo” project, which will see three separate overpasses built over the tracks in Surrey and Langley. At 196 and 64, a traffic light will be installed — which should reduce the number of crashes there. [Read More…]

South Fraser Perimeter Road Expansion Key to Getting B.C. Goods to Market

Collings Johnston provided proponent qualification and technical submission services to the Fraser Transportation Group for the South Fraser Perimeter Road. For more info on our role, view our South Fraser Perimeter Road Project page. Collings Johnston also provided project scoping services to the BC Ministry of Transportation for the South Fraser Perimeter Road. For more info on our role, view our South Fraser Perimeter Road Project Scoping page.

Source: BC Minstry of Transportation and Infrastructure

South Fraser Perimeter Road

SURREY – Premier Christy Clark marked the half-way completion milestone of the expanded South Fraser Perimeter Road.

“British Columbia is North America’s gateway of choice for Asia Pacific trade and to capitalize on this opportunity, we are aggressively investing in our key transportation links,” said Premier Clark. “The new South Fraser Perimeter Road is a key example of our commitment to getting our goods to market and will connect Pacific Gateway facilities with access to borders, the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and the B.C. Interior.”

“Thanks to the Government of Canada’s strategic investments and partnerships in building the Asia-Pacific Gateway, we are creating jobs for hardworking Canadians here at home, and helping Canadian exports to fast-growing Asia-Pacific countries reach record levels”, said Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. “We are also generating new business opportunities, improving the flow of traffic for commuters, enhancing the efficiency of this world-leading transportation system, attracting investments, and contributing to Canada’s global competitiveness.” [Read More…]